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What once was lost has now been found

I HAVE ARRIVED!!!! I have made it to Siem Reap, Cambodia!!!! I've perused the Night Market, bought a gorgeous pair of earrings from a lovely women, Ratana, who invited me to to her stall for future language lessons and have been reunited with my only travel companion, my luggage!

I had a sneaking suspicion that with three days of travel, three flights and two different airlines that there could be a strong possibility that my baggage may go awry. 24 hours later, we had a celebratory reunion! Could you imagine if that sweet packing job would have all been for not?!

On a different and fully positive note, I'm two for two with days in Cambodia to massages received. $8 an hour seems to be the going rate and I'm ALL about being on the receiving end of bodywork for a hot minute!

One thing I have been deeply concerned about while on this trip has been loosing my edge at foosball (please note both the deep sarcasm and equally the competitive edge coming thru). I am pleased to announce to ALL my peeps who have rallied around me on the foosball table cheering me on as I (and shouts to Andrea!) have dominated Hollis, foosball is alive and well over here in south east Asia. (Love you, Sweets!)

Tomorrow I have orientation here in Siem Reap with the other volunteers and the final leg of my travel takes place as I drive with a small group to Phnom Penh. I also received my placement while in Phnom Penh where I will be working at a school for children with autism. I cannot wait to meet all the kiddos!

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Oh Suz, I am beaming with joy hearing about your journey to Cambodia! I love that we can join you through this adventure as you share your experiences. I am so excited to see how those elephant pants manifest their way to you. Love and hugs. ~jo

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