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    Swedish Massage

    Relax & Restore

    Give yourself the gift of relaxation and allow your body to unwind.  Healing in our bodies happens most pronounced when we have activated our Parasympathetic Nervous System.  The main way we do that is to relieve stressors and to practice self care.  So, go ahead, relax and allow your body to restore!

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Recover & Mend

    Needing to get your muscles worked out after a long hike, training for that race or a long day of yard work?  Deep Tissue will allow you to relax and your tired muscles to mend.

    Sports Massage

    Get Back Out Adventuring!

    Don't let a new or old injury set you back. I specialize in working therapeutically with clients to help those trouble spots release.  My anatomy centered, muscle stripping technique provides intense focus to the spaces in your body that need it most.