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Put It In The Bank

I have recently read that, "Taking the trip/the journey is an investment to oneself and taking the time to reflect on the journey is choosing to collect the dividends." A nerdy yet beautiful and wise metaphor.

How easy it is for us to become complacent in life and attach to things that do not serve us. And not that I have "arrived" anywhere superhuman or excessively spiritual, but I have given myself the space on this trip to be open and take some inventory.

This trip for me has been one of self re/discovery, a reminder of what I value most and an awareness of things in my life that do not serve me.

I have revisited how working alongside kids with special needs fills my cup in a unique way. There is a gifting that these children have in how they show up without façade or pretense. A beauty to how they see and view the world and attempt to explain it. My time here has reawakened my desire to study and learn more to be able to assist children with special needs. We shall see where this leads!

I have been beautifully reminded and awakened to my love for learning a new culture and a foreign language. Being immersed in a country where I stick out like a sore thumb has been SO great. Truly! For me this trip is a reminder of our shared human experience and how we are not that different from those half way around the world. To delight in a new culture, explore a different way of life has been wildly refreshing. I have shared meals, laughter, tears and dancing with new friends and loved ones. Thank you, you know who you are, for inviting me into your worlds and sharing a bit of your life with me.

I have heard many Cambodians say that, "Todays' problem will end up in the sunset. When the sun rises, it is a new day and start to new life." It's not that I haven't heard the gist of this before. Maybe it's the accent or the shear amount of times I've heard this, but it has profoundly impacted me. It's as if my body has heard this in a new and fresh way. If I'm going to be very honest with myself, I can attach onto and perseverate on things from my past to agonizing degrees. And not that processing and reflection is bad, but I know my capacity to really dig in. I'm learning that sometimes this does not serve me or those I love. I am learning to, "Let it go."

As my new friend, Deth, says, "The past is past. The present is present. The past and present are different." Simple, right?!

There is also my deep love and affinity for fur babies that I've established as a baseline for my existence on this earth. Not that this was in question prior to me coming to Cambodia, but it has been clearly cemented. We will see what manifests for me with this.

And YOU, by beloved and dear human; True, meaningful and authentic connections is something I've always valued. I am grateful for those, both foreigners and locals, who have let me into their lives while in Cambodia. AND, I am deeply looking forward to reconnecting with those in the US who I deeply love!

There are tears welling as I type this. As much as I'm not ready to leave, I am ready to come home. I will miss the beauty of the land, the amazing street food, the smiles of strangers as I pass by and the kindness of those I have come to love. There is no doubt in my mind that I will return. A little piece of my heart will always be here and I am happy to make room.

And for those that I have missed so, I touch ground in the States on March 21st. Get ready for some lingering hugs and booty slaps!

Sunrise at Angkor Wat. There are not really words to describe my emotions as the sun rises and I see THIS. Profoundly and deeply beautiful.

This adorable Cambodian 60 year old security guard also was a phenomenal and creative photographer!

I had a 30 mile round trip journey from my guest house to explore the temples. It was the perfect and preferred "Susie" way to see them!

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I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this adventure, I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Safe travels, hope we can grab some time together soon! I wanna hear more stories! -L

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