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A Clean Colon Is A Happy Colon

Saturday, February 24th 2024, 9:23AM I'm going to claim that I coined this phrase. This became a real mantra 20 years ago when I went on my first, legit cleanse. Doubling up on those rhubarb extract capsules really did the finishing touches to my 3 day fast. If my family can recall, I set a record of racing to the bathroom 9 times in 90 minutes.

For those who are succinctly reading my posts, you'll recall that my diet has radically shifted since being here. That seems to be catching up with me.

This week has been one marked by

9:32AM Abruptly stopped typing, and I do mean abruptly. Left my fave café where they know my drink by heart and speed walked home. This was after spending 5 minutes in the café embracing the porcelain thrown with my head, praying to sweet baby Jesus for an ejection of sorts. Prayer not answered, probably to the benefit of the café.

The ENTIRE rest of my Saturday This comprised of me being in the fetal position in bed, lots of moaning in pain, gentle tummy massages and swift and urgent trips to the bathroom. I did have some respite from bouts of stomach cramps where I passed out or watched one of my favorite shows, Schitt's Creek, which now seems highly appropriate for my day.

Also, a mixed bag: I found myself for the very first time on this trip cold, chilled and shivering. In a way it kind of felt good to need a blanket to cover my goosebumped body. But, having a fever, albeit, it was a mild one, (thankfully), is never a joy.

Sunday, February 25th 2024, 9:06 AM I have clothes on (because we all now know what happens when I get to my room!) and I'm sitting downstairs at the dining room table, which means that I'm upright. All these things, a true win.

To finish off from my above sentence that I so abruptly left, this past week has been one marked by lots of stomach issues, trips to the pharmacy to verbally tell everyone that I have constipation and would like anything that could help that.

Let's drop into pharmacies for a moment. Pharmacies here can be a mom/pop shop on the corner, a nice air conditioned store that also has shampoo/soaps/toothpaste (let's think Walgreens) or a section of a grocery store (your neighborhood Kroger). One thing they all have in common is that to get anything in the medicine arena you need to tell them what's wrong. Folks, even Tums are behind the counter.

In the last week, I've lost a bit of dignity and have also gained some real confidence. I've charades/acted out having a stomach ache and feeling constipated, I have, out loud, asked for enemas, and have been drilled about all things diarrhea, bloating and vomiting. This is usually to a team of Cambodians and anyone else in ear shot.

I still have not had the privilege of getting handed an enema, they seem to be a bit stingy with those. But what I have received is a mix of powders, pills and probiotics as well as eaten a fair amount of pumpkin soup and beet/carrot/ginger juice from a local vegan cafe.

And, I am pleased to announce I am feeling much, MUCH better. I have had solid, smooth BM's today and don't feel like I want to hurl any thing up.

A few photos from earlier in the week when my body was not rejecting itself!

Here's to continued gut health and keeping that colon clean. :)

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