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Vaccines, Travel Insurance and Pepto Bismol, oh my.

I can vividly recall an "Over the Hill" party for my dad's 40th. Everyone we knew was there and dressed in black, dismal, downer hues. A real funeral vibe. I turned 40 this year.

Approaching my birthday, I congured up the idea to create a list of 40 things I want to do in my 40th year. Do a dragon squat, take a pole dancing class, apply to be on 'Survivor'; these are just a few of the items that grazed the list.

What this list really stirred up were the many things I've longed to do and have been setting aside for a more "convenient" time. The curation of that list is how this trip came to be.

Cambodia. #6: Live abroad. #29: Travel with purpose. #31: Travel in Southeast Asia.

I depart January 10th to live, explore and be of service in Cambodia. I'll be living abroad for shy of 3 months, spending time working alongside kiddos with special needs and caring for animals (so many more details to come!).

Although turning 40 may have had some residue of my dad's "celebration" (love you, dad!), I have chosen to see this turn of a decade as a time of transformation and growth and not one of needing to stock Depends next to the tp.

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