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The Daily Commute

It's some what of a dance, the driving that is. I had dreams of renting a bicycle and commuting the 8.6 miles from my guesthouse to the school, but I don't think that's in the cards for me. Yes, there are lanes and white and yellow dashes and stop signs, but most all of that is very fluid and up to the discretion of the driver.

I think of my mom (Hi Mom!!) when I'm actively in traffic in the "safety" of my tuk-tuk. Not because I'm homesick or wishing she was here, but solely for the reason that she would, and I do not mince my words, hate it. She would hate the chaos, be it organized and for some odd and beautiful reason, that really calms me. Thanks mom!

I got a local SIM card two days ago, which I share because I have now found that my morning commute is a great time to make phone calls. You all (MT) are ending your day and getting ready for dinner or beers as I'm sipping my 4,500 riel ($1.10) americano and tuk-tuking my way to work.

A highlight of my ride home was seeing a tuk-tuk full of monks. I'm sure it's a normal thing, but it warmed my heart. I wasn't able to snag a photo, but I did get the lone monk on the back of the motorbike!

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