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Lost In Translation

But let's begin with Bieber. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Justin, and, apparently, so do the vast majority of Cambodians. I don't recall hearing such a strong concentration of Biebs, perhaps, ever. I will not hold back to say that I am, without hesitation, LOVING it. (I'm presently listening to Apple's, "Justin Bieber Essentials" playlist as I blog today just to really tap into the local culture.)

My hair, in this constant sweat-inducing climate, has been a real situation. Back in Colorado, I already hate, and I don't use that word haphazardly, brushing my hair, and that has not changed. What has changed is the timeframe for dreads to form, which is considerably faster.

This past Thursday at school, I asked the teacher I was working with (a 20 something, very beautiful woman) where she gets her hair cut. We were about to jump into class, so she said she would tell me after lunch/nap/shower time. Perfect.

What she received from that conversation was not what I thought I had communicated. She thought I was asking if she would cut my hair and she said, "Sure, after lunch." This is the "lost in translation" moment.

Post lunch, she motions for me to come in the classroom, and I notice a chair pulled out with a scissors on the table in front of it. That's when I put it together. I did what I think most people would do; panic momentarily, ask if she cuts hair (I got a straight, No), took a breath, and, decided, "when in Cambodia," and motioned, "Yeah, let's do this."

The male teacher came back from being gone all morning and she quickly passed the scissors off to him. I didn't even flinch. Be mindful, the extent of what we can actually can communicate is "hello," and "thank you." Please imagine with me for a moment, your dad coming home from a day of bass fishing and telling you the story of the fish he caught being, "this big," and how that length keeps inching higher and higher as the story continues. Now insert me communicating how much hair I want cut off to the teacher.

This haircut was a real "trust fall" moment.

Turned out beautifully. I did touch the job up a hair at home. (Yep, pun absolutely intended, and I'm giggling about it over here.)

I will leave us with some words to contemplate over from our boy, Justin Bieber,

"My mama don't like you, and she likes everyone."

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