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Fuzz Monkeys & Pumpkin Seeds

Love a good pet name. Worm, my favorite little feline, has had many pet names in his 7 years and will only continue to have more. (You're welcome, my little Boo!)

This is a long awaited post for me!!! Today is all about KITTIES OF CAMBODIA!!!!

Something I've learned while living here in Phnom Penh, is yes, absolutely, there are a lot of "feral" cats and dogs, and most of them have a home that has taken them in. I'm not naïve to imagine that there aren't plenty of homeless kitties and puppies, but in general, these animals are respected.

Dogs, especially have grown to have a valuable relationship with humans here. The humans feed the pups and in return, the pup guards their home a night. I learned VERY quickly that dogs and petting do not go hand in hand. (I'm holding back from the many puns that are coming to mind!) It's a bit of a thug-life mentality for them, and they would gladly remove a digit.

Back to kitties! Chamaa, this is "cat" in Khmer (Khmer is pronounced, Koo-my). Like a little baby learning their first words, I quickly latched on to this one. Any, and I do mean any time I see a cat, the world stops and I quickly call out, "Chamaa!" I 100% know that I've gotten some odd looks and giggles and do you think for one moment I've cared even a little bit? You're correct! Nope.

I've concluded, and this isn't a new conclusion, that I'm absolutely content being the "crazy cat lady." Feels good. It's 100% me and I LOVE it!

Here are some kitties that I've met around town on walks or at different lodging I've had...

This was the very first kitty in Cambodia that let me pet it!!!!

Orkun Chamaa!!

No doubt, this guy is loving his cat sweater on this 90 degree and humid day. Please read with heavy sarcasm.

I don't even like Star Wars, but I feel like this is resembling something...

And now I present: Temple Kitties!!! These little ones I've met at pagodas and temples and are in the sanctuary and care of the monks that reside there.

At Wat Phnom Penh. Snuggle bug.

I hate to even say this, but this little dude bit me. I think you can all read my facial expression without even seeing it. Thug life is real even in the temple. And, I'm also completely fine. This was weeks ago.

This little one, a little shy, but also was really following their heart and following me the ENTIRE time I was at this wat aka temple.

Who doesn't love a good sun spot? The cuddles were real with this one. :)

Last, and believe me when I say, not least, Ministry of Cat. This is easily my most favorite place in Phnom Penh. Simply said, it's a café that is a halfway house/foster home for cats that have been rescued, spayed/neutered/vaccinated, and acts as adoption center. So, you pop in, get some scrumptious vegan food, smoothie or coffee and have the pleasure of socializing with all these adorable kittens! The mission of this place is amazing! Here are some of the wee ones that are there.

I absolutely LOVE this wall! How beautiful that ALL of these kitties have found loving homes thru the aid of the mission of this café!!! I'm just in awe and SO pleased to be a patron here!

Folks, I have more cat photos. This is edited, believe or not. And, I know you believe it.

Grateful for all the little feline connections over the past few weeks. They have been grounding and uplifting.

Wormy, I want you to know that you are still my number one, my little Boo.

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