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Updated: Feb 13

What a lovely treat! Not only did I have a lederhosen rubber ducky sighting, but I also got some quality time with my girl, Julia who picked me up in Frankfurt. And when I say quality time, I mean part conversation and kitty pets and the other part passed out in their guest bedroom.

One thing that I hold of high value in relationships is the art of asking questions, be that myself asking or receiving. To know that another human asks and cares to know is SUCH a beautiful thing. Thanks Julia and Joe for being so deliciously inquisitive and also for sharing your lunch falafal with me!

I'm presently typing this in Singapore from my hotel room. I'm looking out my window and absorbing all the green and trees and bustle of the city. I walked down to Toast Box Coffee House for breakfast and got the situation below. Little did I know that those eggs were not hard boiled. A real American moment as I tried to figure out the most socially acceptable way to eat a warm, not-cooked egg. Did it, but it was a little touch and go.

After my breakfast of champions, I meandered through Tiong Bahru Market and soaked all the things in. A new exprience to get denied purchasing a pair of sweet, sweet elephant pants due to not having Singapore Dollars. I will be manifesting those pants as I head into other markets in Cambodia!

One more leg of the trip from Singapore in Siem Reap! So stoked!

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