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All The Feels

I have found that this platform of blogging is very nourishing me and, I dare say, needed. An expectation I held coming on this venture was that I would have this embedded, deeply connected community within the volunteers I live with. Up until now, that has not been the case.

I have tears today as I type. I'm lonely. I'm missing authentic connections. Someone to talk to, to have back and forth, genuine, loving conversation, in person. I haven't had a hug in weeks and my body and heart are feeling the lack of it.

I know this will pass. And, in the moment, I'm giving myself permission to feel all the feels. I think writing and knowing that there are loving souls reading this makes me feel connected and cared for.

Also, four, young Aussie ladies left this morning, and I have greatly appreciated your sweetness and smiles. Mila, Isla, Ella and Sophie: go forth and continue to grow your hearts and show up in this world with love and intention.

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