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A Plumber's Daughter

Today, I took it upon myself to fix the toilet attached my room. For all of us to be speaking the same lingo, I've conveniently googled, "anatomy of a toilet" and retrieved the below image.

There's been a non stop waterfall coming from below the tank where the fill valve attaches. So, like any daughter born to a plumber, I turned off the water to toilet, detached the fill valve, noted that the gasket was rubbish and bagged that puppy up and headed to the local market in a tuk-tuk.

Markets here are like a one stop shop situation. You can get your weeks produce, get your hair did, buy a bolt of fabric, get those knock off Nike's, find parts for your moto bike and score any choice of meat, and I mean ANY. So, naturally, I assumed I would be able to find a plumbing supply store, show them what I needed, which is why I bagged her up, and be on my way home.

No dice. So, I did the next best thing. Found a tuk-tuk driver who looked kind and patient (and honestly, that is most Cambodians) pulled out the fill value, stammered through broken English and Khmer and we were off. Google, although you know many things, you would have NEVER found this little back alley storage unit shop. At the end of it, I think I spent around $8 for this...

They did not have just the gasket, so I had to purchase all of this. AND....drum roll please.........

Yeah, pretty proud of me. Works like a gem! Dad, I know you are smiling reading this. You can now brag that your daughter fixed a toilet in Cambodia. Mic drop.

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2 comentários

You know you are such a badass! I love this!


I love it. Right person, right time, right Cambodian toilet!

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