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7 Out Of 8

That is how many pieces of pizza I just consumed. Zero shame!!!

Today I took the Island of Koh Rong by mountain bike. God, I felt like myself and free and empowered.

I started my day off with a hard to find black, unsweetened coffee and enjoyed it in my hammock overlooking coconut trees and general jungle while FaceTiming my mom and dad and a myriad of Kansas fam. (Hiiiiiii!!! What a treat to see you all!)

I then got as geared up as my small selection of clothing allowed me to, happily paid Johnny, the Australian Expat with a sizeable beer belly, $10 and was off!

On the iteneray: Two waterfalls, the furthest north beach called Lonely Island and general awesomeness.

I knew I was rolling the dice on waterfalls because we are smack dab in the middle of dry season, but at minimum it would be an adventure. Waterfall número uno, no beuno. Not even a trickle, but I found it and considered that a small win.

Waterfall number two, MUCH more of an effort to get there. Ditched my bike with about a half mile to go and hoofed it. My hope was that there would be even the smallest stream of freshwater because at this point I was fully saturated in sweat. And to my utmost delight, I heard the slightest sound of running water as I approached the "waterfall ." It was perfect. I got in my birthday suit and enjoyed that god-given gift. I also filtered water and saw my first monkey in the wild!!

Lonely Beach. Crushed it. Had the most breathtaking ride through a grove of coconut trees, a passion fruit and mango (yes, I'm back on the mango train after a needed hiatus) smoothie at the only lodge, took a dip in the most gorgeous water and headed on my way!

I've also, over the course of my time in Cambodia, developed a real love for sugar cane juice. They have these mills of sorts that they squeeze the actual sugar cane with, mix the juice with water and ice and, ta-da! Perfection. I drank 2 today. The first one was me being right on the edge of heat stroke as I pulled into someone's home and asked for one. The second was was just to spoil myself!

In total, I biked 30+ miles and surprisingly 2,100 ft of elevation. It felt so good to move my body and have a day of adventure!

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Psyched! This looks like a great time!

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